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I like to make functional art: All of my projects are made to be used. Every day since 2006, I drink tea from one of the first mugs I made. My projects include careful planning and execution to get exceptional items that will last for years to come. If you want something you don't see, just ask: I can make quotes and provide computer mockups of projects.

Think of everything on this site as examples: The actual options are endless.

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I make a wide array of boxes for playing cards or other card games. For typical card decks, the slipcase design is very popular. For other card games, long boxes and satchel cases are popular.

Slipcase Deckbox: Walnut

Slipcase Deckbox: Maple

Doomtown 2015 World Champion Box

Doomtown "Pinebox" carrying case

Windmill Meeple

Walnut long cardbox